Introducing OMEGA Solutions – SaaS Consultancy Services!

OMEGA Solutions are delighted to announce that we have developed a number of easy-to-use application tools that are connected to the decarbonisation of building services technologies.

Working alongside our partners, our first readily available app is concerned with assessing a plethora of refrigerants and technology platforms suitable for use in large distribution cold storage facilities. Not only are the Life Cycle Emissions (LCE) calculated, but also Life Cycle Costs (LCC), covering capital equipment cost, energy consumption and system maintenance. When it comes to reliability, we have cross referenced our calculations with data included in a Cold Chain Federation report and are delighted that the level of accuracy is circa 6% (Cold Chain Federation stated 2021 energy consumption across UK distribution coldrooms of £1,117,000,000 versus Omega’s calculation of £1,055,474,988)!

Our second tool that is completed in calculation form and currently being converted into application assesses a plethora of refrigerants and heating technology platforms suitable for use in retail refrigeration. Similar to our cold storage application, Life Cycle Emissions (LCE) and Life Cycle Costs (LCC), covering capital equipment cost, energy consumption and system maintenance can also be calculated. What makes this tool so unique is that it compares standalone heating systems against those that are integrated within the refrigeration system. This will allow end users to make informed decisions based on best-in-class data sets.

Our apps allow energy costs to be adjusted to suit past, current, and future kWh pricing, ensuring an accurate assessment for end users.

Upcoming application tools will be focussed on compliance. We are keeping our first compliance-based app under wraps, but what we can say is that it will reduce design time significantly and provide end users with peace of mind that regulatory compliance is being achieved.

To gain access to our applications, please contact OMEGA Solutions via the emails provided on our Services | SaaS Consultancy tab (

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