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White Rose Software (incorporating MicroPipe and MicroCalc) has been the choice of refrigeration system design for over 30 years. Conservatively, we can estimate that 30,000 individual refrigeration systems currently operating in the UK alone have been designed using White Rose Software. It is tried, tested, and proven beyond any doubt.


  • MicroPipe eliminates the use of charts and first principles to calculate not just individual refrigeration pipes but a limitless number of circuits within a distributed network, including riser pipework.
  • MicroPipe allows for losses encountered through bends, valves, and interconnecting fittings for a full range of synthetic refrigerants and industrial gases such as CO₂ and Ammonia. By accurately accounting for system losses, MicroPipe ensures that distributed pipework systems are designed to be accurate, error-free, and highly energy efficient.
  • MicroPipe does not just work with SI units; users can also select Imperial units. It is a truly global refrigeration pipework design software package. -Micropipe includes all commonly used refrigerants.


  • MicroCalc calculates highly accurate refrigerated areas (chilled and frozen cold rooms). It allows the designer to comprehensively specify all heat gains in low, medium, and high-temperature applications.
  • The room geometry and thermal properties, including wall, ceiling and floor type and thickness, are defined as part of the calculation. MicroCalc requires the surrounding ambient temperatures and humidity conditions as part of the load calculation. -The software is an irreplaceable part of a refrigeration designer’s tool kit, irrespective of geographical location. Specific product types and loads can also be selected and combined. These factors ensure highly accurate load calculations, guaranteeing that subsequent cooler selections are appropriate.

Business Terms

We may terminate the licence to use our software with immediate effect if you fail to pay any sum due to us. Upon termination, you are no longer entitled to use our software, and we reserve the right to remotely cease your ability to use it. We exclude all liability to you for any loss occasioned thereby. If you would like to enquire or obtain a copy of White Rose software, please call +44 1535 322111 or send an email to info@omega-solutions.co.uk

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