OMEGA Solutions – Net Zero ESG Insights

Introducing OMEGA Solutions 2023 Net Zero infographic insights! This series of 15 insights explores initiatives that are available to food retailers that could help support them meet their Net Zero and ESG commitments.

Our Net Zero ESG insights are intended to be succinct and eye-catching.

OMEGA Solutions Net Zero ESG infographic insights, released fortnightly will cover:

#1 DUoS Avoidance

#2 Doors on Fridges

#3 Electric Vehicle Charging

#4 Water Saving Toilets

#5 Solar Panels

#6 Anti-misting Film for Freezer Doors

#7 Ground Source Heat Pumps

#8 Suction Pressure Optimisation & Transducer Control

#9 Destratification

#10 Adiabatic Cooling

#11 Rainwater Harvesting

#12 Combining Fridges with Coldrooms

#13 Overdoor Heaters

#14 Coldroom Cooler Fan Speed Control

#15 Defrost on Demand

All our initiative research is complete, to learn more about any of our insights in advance of publication, or how we alongside our partners can help your business, please get in touch with Brian Churchyard or James Bailey via LinkedIn or by the contact details provided on our website.

“Whether you are a manufacturer, contractor, professional services provider, or end user, we can help you navigate toward a carbon Net Zero position – supporting your ESG strategy.”

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