National ACR & Heat Pump Awards – Finalists!

OMEGA Solutions are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for Training Provider of the year at the National ACR & Heat Pump Awards.

Though we are not a typical training provider, OMEGA Solutions seek to compliment existing providers by offering a unique two-pronged training and mentoring approach that serves to be our USP:

  • Provision of low carbon technical and design training, and,
  • Provision of management and environmental training.

The basis of this two-pronged approach is to fill an industry gap, and fulfil a niche aimed at graduate engineering management professionals, and young/trainee design engineers. We term our training provision “Training Redefined”.

James Bailey welcomed Brian Churchyard (a Fellow of the IOR) and Nabil Cook (a Chartered Engineer and Member of the IOR) into OMEGA Solutions as partners, in the roles of MD and Technical Director respectively. All three partners provide training sessions. What makes this service unique is that sessions are delivered on a basis of what James, Brian and Nabil would have wanted to know in their early careers.

We have received positive feedback on our training courses and delivery, from end users to manufacturers and to contractors!

To learn a little more, we provide training in the following areas:

Business Management & Environmental Training (included but not limited to):

The F -Gas Regulations – History, successes, innovation away from HFCs.

Net Zero – What it means to businesses and individuals, how it can be achieved.

The Business Environment – Understanding and implementing an organisations mission, vision, beliefs, and values.

Beyond the Bottom Line – A unique workshop aimed at helping organisations and individuals understand the benefits of aligning profit with people and planet as we transition to a Net Zero future.

An Introduction to Leadership & Management.

Motivation – A workshop aimed at inspiring employees, applying management theory techniques, and understanding that everyone is motivated by different things.

Creating Successful Business Teams – An interactive workshop that investigates what makes a successful team.

Action Learning – A unique workshop and team challenges that explores the concept of Action Learning.

Resistance & Change – A provoking workshop of how resistance and change can be caused and more importantly how it can be overcome.

Understanding and Implementing an Effective Working Culture.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Organisational Culture.

Operations Management – Workshops designed to provide trainees with financial awareness, how to manage projects, how to eliminate waste and why cross-business function alignment is critical in operations delivery.

Technical Training (including but not limited to):

An Introduction to Refrigeration – A session that covers the four key components of the refrigeration cycle.

Pressure Enthalpy – A session that covers in detail what pressure enthalpy charts are how they are used.

An Overview of the Pressure Equipment Directive.

An Overview of BS EN-378 – A workshop designed to help trainees understand one of industry ‘bibles’.

An Overview the DSEAR Regulations.

CO2 Specific Fundamentals.

A2L|HFO Specific Fundamentals.

An Overview of System Components.

An Overview of System Design.

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