Welcome to OMEGA Solutions

We are a specialist Net Zero engineering consultancy who provide clear and transparent solutions that reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption through engineering and education.

Our services are designed to support businesses meet the demands of climate change, transition to Net Zero.

Whether you are a manufacturer, contractor, professional services provider or end user, we can help you navigate toward a carbon Net Zero position.

OMEGA provides professional consultancy services to reduce carbon emissions through engineering and education.

Our services provide organisations with strategic technical direction based on evidence lead data.

We provide an extensive support function through mentoring and education. This allows our customers to empower their employees to positively engage their supply chain to ensure a Net Zero future is achieved,

Our engineering services cover a full overview of building performance, and not just one specific area. Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions that reduce/limit/mitigate cost impacts; for both capital cost and life cycle costs within any given regulatory framework, whilst achieving long term Net Zero targets.

We learn about our customers’ requirements and understand what is necessary to demonstrate a good understanding of their current and future challenges, and their inherent need for value. Through a combined 50 years’ experience, we can demonstrate how different technology approaches can have different outcomes through asset replacement investment or new space growth as the transition to alternative Net Zero technologies intensifies.

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    We help our customers see the pathway to net zero clearly

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    Develop the next generation of industry leaders

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    We develop engineering solutions & the next generation of engineering professionals

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    We support organisations to grow and thrive

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    We provide a connected and lasting partnership.

Mission, Vision, Purpose

OMEGA Solutions clear, insightful approach, and collaborative way of working prepare organisations and their people for growth and lasting success. We support our customers achieve the pathway to Net Zero and a more sustainable future.

DEEP Purpose

At the core of how we operate is our DEEP Purpose, and this is how we deliver our gold standard consultancy services.

  • Drive potential; both businesses and individuals
  • Educate, train, and mentor both engineering and management professionals
  • Ensure a strategic approach; we support our customers to reduce, comply, and innovate
  • Provide a positive disruptive service; locally and globally

Our Mission

Through independence, agility, ability and attitude we inspire positive change, and create value making businesses better through people engagement and development.

Our Vision

Through delivering our DEEP purpose we help businesses and their people realise their full potential, and accelerate change to a more sustainable future.

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