Engineering Consultancy

Our engineering consultancy services provide our customers with engineering solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions to meet the demands of a Net Zero economy.


Our key technical areas of expertise include but are not limited to, Refrigeration, HVAC, Mechanical & Electrical systems and Power Infrastructure as well as all associated utilities. Within these areas we provide the following services:

  • Mentoring support based on current and future business commitments and strategic direction within regulatory frame works. This support function is provided to customers who are accountable for the delivery of engineering, energy, and Net Zero standards, commitment and/or requirements. This service is impartial and independent, and at all times in our customers best interests.
  • Provide evidence guided data that demonstrates how any provided strategic direction will limit future cost impacts whilst achieving wider business targets and commitments.
  • Provide support services that ensure our customers are empowered to challenge their own supply chains in order that they remain supplier supported not supplier lead.
  • Create and facilitate ‘Continuous Improvements Groups’ across Refrigeration, M&E and Energy disciplines including but not limited to internal stakeholders and external SME Consultants and Contractors for design, installation, and maintenance requirements.
  • Provide refrigeration and HVAC system design services, where our expertise covers all type of refrigerants and system configurations.
  • Provide project support services including conducting condition surveys, creating customer briefs and scope of works, detailed auditing of project design and costs, and installation site inspections.
  • Provide technical evaluations that promote data lead decisions across engineering, energy, and Net Zero categories. Examples include:
    • Review energy initiatives and provide detailed assessments. Provide procurement support across specifications and tendering – ensuring that best value is achieved within regulatory frameworks and business objectives. Provide technical support across our customer’s model standards, including the deployment of new and emerging low carbon technologies.
    • Provide support in answering general technical queries and advice across facilities management, property, and procurement teams.
  • Supporting the trial and deployment of new engineering technologies across new store build programmes and existing buildings, as well as on-going enhancements and upgrade to the existing infrastructures, delivering value engineered solutions, energy efficiency with low carbon benefits.

What We Always Consider

  • Technical engineering solutions that limit maintenance and service requirements as well as reduce the risk of system failure through enhanced reliability and design.
  • Technical engineering solutions that contribute to an ever-reduction in the energy profile and/or emissions reduction within relevant regulatory frame works therefore adding value.
  • How to support with engineering solutions across new and existing design challenges which impact the customer and colleague and business operations.
  • How to continuously improve all engineering specification and standards for; refrigeration, energy and M&E disciplines which also support net zero carbon objectives.
  • How to enhance existing processes and create new ones ensuring engineering deployment is aligned with appropriate standards and regulation, best engineering practises and documented specifications. Ensuring these are ‘fit for purpose’ relevant and always up to date.
  • Work with relevant stakeholders using data and insight to support the development of capital asset plans and investment strategies across end-of-life equipment as well as our customers transition to Net Zero.
  • Link specifications and standards to align them with existing maintenance standards and best practises for refrigeration and M&E equipment across retail stores with an overview consideration to the logistics facilities.
  • How to work with key stakeholders to ensure alignment with existing and developing SLA’s and KPI’s as well as instore operational standards.
  • How to ensure standards and specifications are safe, legal, and compliant at all times with specific relevance to; refrigeration and M&E engineering and appropriately documented.
  • How to work alongside the relevant technical and energy help desks teams to develop and evolve our customers predictive monitoring capabilities.
  • How to provide technical support to our customer’s procurement departments for all aspects of refrigeration, energy, HVAC, and M&E roll out projects typically delivered through their new build, refit and asset replacement including energy capital investment projects.

Please contact OMEGA Solutions to discuss our technical consultancy services in further detail. We can tailor our offering to meet the requirements of your organisation.

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