Education Consultancy

We can provide one-to-one, or group training and mentoring consultancy services. From single day sessions, to creating individual training development plans, our collaborative way of working helps organisations, and their people grow.

The Macro-environment Education Services

It is essential for young aspiring professionals in the refrigeration and built environment sectors to learn and have an appreciation of the macro-environment that their organisation operates in. The intention of this is to encourage and promote their own personal development and to fully appreciate overriding goals of the business and the work of their colleagues. Examples of macro-environment education services include:

  • F-Gas Regulations/Kigali Agreement – To introduce and highlight the continuous need for change and innovation.
  • Sustainable Development Goals, ESG & Net Zero – To introduce, highlight and how to create targets to improve the natural environment and become more sustainable as the move to achieving Net Zero intensifies.
  • Competitor Analysis & Market Awareness – To introduce and to highlight the need to be aware of what competitor organisations are doing. The purpose of this education is to promote innovation as the move to Net Zero intensifies.

Technical Education Services

It is paramount for young aspiring professionals to learn and have a basic technical appreciation, or have in-depth knowledge of refrigeration, HVAC, and the built environment. OMEGA can provide both, and have extensive knowledge and experience of:

  • Industry regulations and legislation – including the F-Gas Regulations and the Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • The fundamentals of Refrigeration and HVAC.
  • Refrigeration plant and system component selection and line sizing.
  • CO2 refrigeration technology.
  • HFO refrigeration technology.
  • Through modelling, develop calculations that accurately projects the energy consumption and environmental impact of refrigeration systems – covering HFC, HFO and naturally occurring refrigerants in direct expansion and secondary refrigeration systems.

Management Education Services

It is important for young aspiring professionals to learn and have an appreciation of management and leadership to prepare them and their organisations to grow and flourish! Example management education services include:

  • Business Strategy – An introduction to understanding the business environment (including but not limited to the importance of a company mission, vision, beliefs, and values) and an introduction and importance of establishing an effective business strategy.
  • Leadership & Culture – An introduction to effective leadership styles and the importance that culture has on an organisation.
  • Marketing – An introduction into understanding the business environment from the perspective of positioning, and how to identify and evaluate opportunities and risks.
  • Motivation, Resistance & Change – An introduction into understanding how to motivate individuals & teams, how to recognise and mange resistance, and how to successfully navigate change.
  • Correcting Mistakes & Measurement – An introduction into understanding how to identify and correct mistakes, and how to measure success and improve.
  • Group Working – An introduction and application of Action Learning and Communities of Practice as a management tool to increase shared learning, motivation, and teamwork.
  • The Bottom Line & Beyond the Bottom Line – An introduction into appreciating and understanding time management and productivity to support profitability, and the importance of company positioning from a holistic ESG position; highlighting the need and tangible benefits of aligning a business profit with the Triple Bottom Line concept.

Please contact OMEGA Solutions to discuss our education consultancy services in further detail. We can tailor our offering to meet the requirements of your people and organisation.

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